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Are you a tenant who:

  • feels like you’re just a burden to your letting agent?
  • thinks their letting agent would rather do anything than talk to you?
  • doesn’t get replies to emails for days on end, if at all?
  • receives a total lack of sympathy for the fact that you haven’t had any hot water for two weeks?
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Are you a landlord who:

  • is fed up with their letting agent not looking after their property with the TLC it deserves?
  • suspects they haven’t got a clue what your tenants are up to?
  • keeps getting lumped with lots of hidden fees that you weren’t expecting?
  • feels that using an agent is more hassle than it’s worth?
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As a soon-to-be landlord do you:

  • not really know what to look for in a letting agent?
  • feel they are all promising the same things?
  • wonder how you can be sure they’re keeping an eye on your property?

There is a middle ground, believe it or not, between having to manage a property yourself (which most landlords have neither the time nor the inclination to do) and having to appoint a large ‘faceless’ management company to whom you are just a name or an address.

It’s not rocket science, as some lettings agents in Kent would have you believe – value your tenants, keep in contact with them, and let them know you are there in case they need you. Simple, or what? You’d be surprised how many don’t even get past this first hurdle.


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So why Carlean?

Profile photo - Sue HainsbyWhat makes us different from the average letting agent? Well, for one, our founder, Sue Hainsby, manages her own rental properties in Kent as well as managing properties for landlords. In fact, she’s much more than this – she’s an award-winning landlord. And the reason why? She actually cares about providing a home for a tenant, not just somewhere to live.

Carlean doesn’t have a huge portfolio of properties for rent in Kent, Sue’s very picky about who she deals with – it’s her reputation at stake after all! – and each flat or house under her watch is treated as if it were her own. Only properties that match Carlean’s high standards are taken on, we also prefer tenants that will regard the house as their home – tenants for whom renting is their first choice not their only choice.

Landlords who choose Carlean can be confident that we have worked hard to find them the best tenant for their property. The tenants know they will be living in a beautiful property, be left to live their lives and not pestered every two minutes, yet will be well looked after if any issues arise.

The difference between Sue and the rest is that she really does give a damn that her landlords’ properties are in the right hands and you can be confident that she has everyone’s best interests at heart.


I had been considering buy to let for some time, but was concerned about the potential hassles that can accompany this type of investment. Sue Hainsby assured me that she would take care of all the aspects of managing the apartment, and that is exactly how it has worked out.

Sue is a rarity in that she does what she says she is going to do, which in practical terms meant bringing in reliable tenants, ensuring the quality of the apartment is maintained and dealing clearly and effectively with all applicable administration. I wouldn't hesistate to recommend her.

Christine Weeks