Sue’s Blog

I’d love you to get to know me, as much as I get to know all of my landlords and tenants. So this blog will talk about all manner of things to do with renting or letting a property in Kent from my point of view. You’ll see first-hand what it’s like having me as a letting or managing agent, the wealth of my experience and local knowledge and how I do really get excited about going on viewings! There’s some good advice and hints and tips in there too, hopefully you’ll find it useful, informative and fun to read!

Just how do you get the right work life balance?

So just what does work life balance look like? Being a couple of weeks plus into 2018 and having had reflection on 2017 I believe it’s important to recalibrate and adjust where adjustments are needed. There are always tasks that need completing and Carlean is getting busier and busier (but I’m not complaining!) looking at … Continue reading Just how do you get the right work life balance?