Are you an accidental Landlord?

It has struck me that many Landlords are “accidental” by accidental I mean that it was unintentional, maybe you’ve inherited a property or you are a part of a couple entering a relationship where both of you are homeowners… But whatever the reason is you may be unaware of the legal requirements that you will have as a Landlord.  A source of good and current information is the GOV.UK web-site.  It is from here that you can find an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and download the “how to rent” guide both of which you MUST provide to your tenants along with a copy of the gas safety certificate, failure to do so could mean you lose your right to take back your property at the end of the lease.  If you are an accidental Landlord and this sounds daunting to you contact Carlean Lettings, we would be happy to help.

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