How the other half let!

Someone that I have been working with for the past few months is relocating and has very kindly entrusted her property in Kent to me to let and manage for her. She is very aware of how we work at Carlean and how the essence of our company is to ensure the landlord is kept informed every step of the way and feels reassured that we will find the best tenant for them whilst also making sure the prospective tenants feel valued and are afforded the same level of service in their property search.  So, whilst we are here doing what we do off my friend goes to visit her new location to view some properties.
She did everything right. She contacted agents gave them her requirements, looked on their websites and enquired about properties that matched her requirements, booked her appointments and then set off for a weekend of viewings…. or so she thought!
What could go wrong?
On the morning of a viewing the property disappears off Rightmove. She rings to find out why and is told ‘oh yesterday the Landlord has made a decision to go with someone else.’ Which is obviously their prerogative but wouldn’t you have thought that when this happened the agent would have called the other prospective tenants to advise?
When questioned, the agent said they had called and left a voicemail, when asked what number they had called they rattled off a number that is non-existent so it was clear they had not called and then lied about it.
And then these very same agents wonder why we all get a bad name.
Lettings is a quick turnaround business. Most landlords have mortgages and don’t want void periods hence the rushing to get tenants to commit but surely as agents we should show prospective tenants some respect. At Carlean we are aware that for a lot of our tenants renting is their first choice not their only choice and as we work with working professional tenants mainly we appreciate their time is precious and so we make appointments at times that are convenient for them – early mornings, evenings and weekends, we confirm the appointment 24 hours before and see everyone booked in before making a decision. This way we are sure we are getting the tenant that is best suited to the property not the first one that walks through the door. In my opinion lettings is not a property business it’s a people business and we should all treat people as we wish to be treated.
I’m pleased to say my friend has found a property and will relocate early April and Carlean are doing their thing on her property.

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