Just how do you get the right work life balance?

So just what does work life balance look like? Being a couple of weeks plus into 2018 and having had reflection on 2017 I believe it’s important to recalibrate and adjust where adjustments are needed.

There are always tasks that need completing and Carlean is getting busier and busier (but I’m not complaining!) looking at my life and at others I realise that at different stages your value system in this area varies over time. For instance, the right balance when you have children to when you have grandchildren, the right balance when you have aging parents or when you are single or in a relationship all equals change to our priorities. But nonetheless I think at the heart of these decisions there is a delicate balance between effort, attainment and enjoyment.

Sounds easy but a tweak in the wrong area can mean dissatisfaction in work life balance. I try to use this as a strategy for everyday living… “What do I need / want to achieve today and what will I do today that brings fun and enjoyment to me?” by doing this I’ve encapsulated the satisfaction of moving myself or my business forward which can, let’s face it, involve some mundane tasks with carving some enjoyment in the day that is just for me.

But this is easy to forget, having recently finished a long drawn out process of re-mortgaging the Foordside apartment building along with the acquisition of 2 new apartments, getting this to complete was a frustrating journey and when ended was somewhat of an anti-climax. However, one day in the office Natasha remarked that she hoped I was going to take time to reflect on the effort involved and to celebrate the achievement. I stopped to think. I hadn’t thought to take the time to give myself a pat on the back or to enjoy a celebration of sorts, but I should have.

So, not only will I continue to ensure my work life balance is bringing me the right ratio of achievements and happiness but that I stop, and look back and revel (if only for a short while) at those activities we have accomplished.

I’d love to know how anyone else achieves their right balance. Perhaps let me know…?

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