Justice will be done!!

This is what was written on the end of a text from a tenant who unfortunately I am having to evict.

Although no laughing matter as it’s a very expensive, time consuming and frustrating exercise I did have a little chuckle as to what was going through their mind.

They have been a tenant of mine since October 2013 and we did have a good working relationship. In early 2016 their rent payments became very erratic and without going into all the details towards the end of the year after trying to work with them without any success I served notice.

The first notice expired on 16th January and the tenant has just ignored it and is still in the property. So, we’ve now moved onto the next stage which will take several more weeks before they must leave and my gut feeling is that there will be bailiffs and locksmiths in attendance before I get my property back which is not a nice experience for anyone and one which I tried hard to avoid.

Some of the comments I’ve heard from this tenant include…

‘Are you trying to tell me that I’m the only one of your tenants not paying my rent’

‘You’re a bully’

‘I have your rent here (shows me the cash) but you can’t have it as I need it as you are chucking me out and trying to make me sleep on a park bench’

‘I will move out and when I’m settled in my next place I will pay you as I’m not a ponce’

‘I have a new property to go to I’ve passed a credit check I’m just not sure when I’m going’

Apparently, their legal team have advised them that I must only communicate with them via email so they have documents for court – my response was that’s great I’m happy with that as they currently do not respond to any communication be it calls, text, email or good old knocking on the door.

However, there is nothing more to be said so I will not be communicating with them any further we will just follow the process and I guess I will end up being labelled as one of those mean landlords who throws perfectly good tenants out onto the street.

Where does it come from this feeling of entitlement that makes an adult in their 50’s think it’s acceptable to stop paying their rent even though they receive Housing Benefit from the local authority who I must say acted very swiftly as soon as I advised them what was going on and I am now paid the Housing Benefit direct but there is a shortfall of approx. £150.00 per month that the tenant should pay and they don’t.

Why do they think that even though they have a signed a legally binding agreement and they know they are liable to pay their rent in full and on time each month do they suddenly decide they are not going to?

What makes a person think like this?

Having dealt with many tenants over the past 12 years’ young, old, male, female, singles and families I must conclude that it’s how people cope when the going gets tough. Some people rise to the challenge and deal with whatever has been thrown at them, some bury their head and hope that whatever has gone wrong will go away which it rarely does and some like my tenant look for someone to blame. They fail to accept any responsibility for the situation they find themselves in or the help that has been offered them which they have refused to accept.

I was happy to work with them, I knew them and they had been a good tenant thus far but I’ve been abused and ignored and now I don’t want them in my property I want them to leave and as soon as possible. I will follow the legal process and comply with everything that is asked of me but in the end my hope is that my tenant is right and justice will be done.

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