When you know you’re different….

Here at Carlean we always strive to do right by our tenants and our landlords. This is not always easy as you are managing two sets of expectations. On the one hand you want to provide a home for the tenant that is of a good standard and address any issues as they arise. But you must also bear in mind that this is a massive financial investment for your landlord and they possibly can’t afford to do every little job the tenant requests. So as letting agents that care we wind our way through each tenancy trying our best to ensure both tenants and landlords are happy.

I have had two incidents recently that have shown me that how we work at Carlean is different to the stereotypical high street agent.

Scenario 1:

A tenant has moved out of a property and as the landlords have retired and moved back to the UK they want to manage it themselves. So, in theory our involvement stops here. However, I don’t see it like that. These are long term landlords and so I am offering them advice and support with the renovations and with finding a new tenant.
Managing a tenancy yourself is not as easy as some people think, being on call 24/7 and being able to send the relevant tradesman to the job quickly and building those relationships takes a long time. That is after you have put in place the mountain of documents that you are now legally bound to provide your tenants with.
I could sit back, let these landlords struggle and potentially put themselves at risk and do nothing to help or I can do what I’m doing and offer them advice and support every step of the way.

Scenario 2:

This morning I did a viewing at one of our vacant properties. The prospective tenant was a nice young woman who is currently living with her partner in a property that has suffered a severe water leak. So much so that the property is soaking wet a meter up the wall, smells of damp is cold and sounds to me as if it is uninhabitable. What I heard next was shocking. The property was managed by a local agent, once the leak occurred and the landlord told them he was using his landlord’s insurance to get the work done – the agent bailed – said there was nothing they could do, that it was now down to the landlord and the insurers to put things right.
The insurers have a department that deals with re-housing in these types of situations and it would appear they are useless. They say they can’t source anywhere the tenant has to do it herself, when she does find somewhere they drag their heels on the deal and lose the property. The landlord is clearly out of his depth and in my opinion could really do with the support of the letting agent he employed to manage this tenancy. The tenant was very emotional and is stuck in the middle of the entire situation whilst still paying her rent.
At Carlean we would never allow this to happen – we would support our landlord and our tenant throughout this whole situation and that I believe is what makes us different.

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