Why did I enter the Kent Women in Business Awards?

I had decided that 2017 was the year I was going to grow my business. I wanted to show more landlords what it was like when you had your property managed properly.

Here at Carlean we want to show landlords that there is middle ground between managing a property yourself which most people don’t have the time or the inclination to do – although if they want to we are happy to show them – or handing your property over to a faceless corporate agent who once they’ve got your property on their books probably won’t know who you are next time you call, certainly won’t know who your tenants are or which property you own.

This is so far removed from how we operate at Carlean that it was important to get our message out there.

But how?

How to get out there and bring the Carlean way of lettings and property management to the good people of Kent.

Networking is one way and this is going very well and I am meeting lots of amazing people and entering awards was my other decision – to get the rubber stamp of approval from other business owners and to be able to offer our landlords proof that they were getting award winning service.

Now good service and caring about your clients is not something that is usually associated with the lettings industry. We have all seen the news articles about the huge fees charged for an often poor or non-existent service and as letting agents we are used to getting a bad rap. I have had many tenants over the years who have left their previous property due to the poor service they received from their managing agents. Most landlords are unaware of what is going on the first they know is when the agent tells them their tenant is vacating and how much the bill is to find a new one.

At Carlean we have never had a tenant leave due to our poor service. We value our tenants, keep in contact with them and let them know we are here if they need us and we keep our landlords regularly updated on how the tenancy is progressing – none of this is rocket science but you will be surprised at how many agents can’t even manage this.


So, I wanted to prove otherwise. Completing the Kent Women in Business application form makes you look at your business. Where you started, where you are and where you are going. For me after twelve years of ups and downs and being side-tracked by other things which were massive learning curves but didn’t grow my business the form made me really think about what I wanted going forward.

In 2009 I won the National Landlords Association Property Woman of the Year South Eastern region and I haven’t entered anything since. I was asked a few years ago, why, and then asked if I was a one hit wonder – obviously not Carlean Lettings are back in the game!

KWIB Awards are perfect for my business we are based in Kent and being amongst such a prestigious group of Kent business owners who will now have heard about Carlean Lettings will hopefully help us to build our business. When I looked at the other finalists I didn’t think I stood a chance so I was thrilled to be a runner up in the Business Woman of the Year (over 3 years) category.

My plan is to use this award to spread the message that if you want your rental property managed properly then please give us a call and we will be happy to tell you how we can make that happen.

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